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310 Thread Count Dust Ruffles
310 Thread Count Dust Ruffles
Base Price: $127.00

310 Thread Count 100% Cotton. Match with your sheet set !   

Every Bed Skirt (except round) has a 2-inch border so the white platform will  not show.

*IF...you have a footboard or bedposts you will want to choose Split Corners from the "Type of Bed" option below.

   Please call or email if you need assistance with a custom size not shown

Ruffled/Gathered: Sewn at a 2.5:1 ratio will tend to flare outward slightly to provide a good sense of depth. Well suited to bed skirts made of percale solid fabrics, which benefit from shadow and contour.

Box Pleated: Is made of straight pleats, usually 3 or 4" in width. This is a popular style for use with non-floral patterns, or those that benefit from a crisp delineation and a structured layout.

Tailored: Each side of the bed skirt is composed of two flaps, pleated at the corners, with an extra pleat in the center. This style lends itself well to non-geometric patterns, such as florals.