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Bridal Satin Sheet Sets
Base Price: $121.00

Traditionally, satin comes in two varieties.  Most satin that you'll encounter in bedding is made from polyester, and is a low grade fabric. Bedderbedding.net does not sell bedding in polyester satin, but rather the higher quality Acetate satin.

Specifically, our satin is "Bridal" satin, which is the grade used in making bridal gowns.  It is composed of acetate, and is a heavier, thicker, more luxurious satin than polyester.

It has two definite sides to it.  The "top" side is frictionless and bears a strong luster.  The reverse side is somewhat dull, and bears the grain of the fabric.

Bridal satin is only available in 45" wide bolts, and therefore, all sheets made of Bridal Satin must have a center seam.  This center seam is reinforced, and is very sturdy, but you should be aware that the sheets will come with it. Many of the colors of Bridal Satin that we offer have been dyed exclusively for our use, and are therefore unique in the industry.

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