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Miracle Fabric Pillow Protectors
Miracle Fabric Pillow Protectors

Zippered Pillow Protectors made of Miracle Fabric are effective in controlling allergies and dust mites, and they are waterproof. Night time sweating can stain through pillowcases and ruin expensive pillows. Our Pillow Covers will solve your problem.

Miracle Fabric is soft 100% Cotton Terry, comfortable, machine washable in hot water, and noise-free. Provides excellent protection against stains, allergens, and dust mites.

Bed Rails / Handles
adjustable bedside handle

Adjustable Bedside Rail Assistants meet a variety of needs. Side/Bed rails for Queen Bed, King, Full or Twin...one size fits all. Works great on Adjustable Beds OR Standard Beds. All handles are 20 inches wide and extend approximatly three feet under the Mattress for added stability.