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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Thread Count mean?

    Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. Thread count in sheets can vary from 80 to 700, but most stores sell sheets that range from 180 to 400, and anything above 300 being considered higher quality. In general, the higher the thread count the softer the fabric.

    If your preference is a wrinkle free crisp cool sheet, then cotton blends like our 200-250  would be your choice. Poly/cotton sheets are cost effective and hold up well to washing.

    For the cool, soft feel of fine quality bed sheets they should be 100% cotton like our 300, 400 and 600 thread count. Cotton tends to wick away moisture keeping you comfortable not clammy. The softness you achieve with cotton is a luxury your skin will remember. Ploy/cotton blends may wear better with little or no ironing, but your skin will know the difference.

    Flannel is 100% cotton that by nature has a low thread count due to the type of fabric. A high thread count would eliminate part of the appeal of these sheets. Part of the soft cozy feel of flannel comes from its low thread count because of the material it is made from.

What is a Split-Top Mattress?

    A Split Top Mattress has the top portion of the mattress split so that each sleeper can adjust their torso freely without losing the cuddling aspect that "sleeping on the crack" would produce if you were sleeping on a totally split dual adjustable bed mattress. Bedderbedding.net is the premier provider of sheet sets, mattress pads and protective covers for these types of unusual beds.

What is a Dust Ruffle / Bed Skirt?

    A Dust Ruffle or Bed Skirt is a piece of cloth that runs around and along the bottom perimeter of the bed(s). While it serves largely as a decorative piece, it also helps prevent dust from collecting beneath the bed. Adjustable Beds can have an ugly mechanical appearence underneath. A decorative Dust Ruffle will effectively "hide" this unsightly trait.

What is a Bedspread?

    A Bedspread is a simple classic covering for the top of your bed. Bedspreads cover the entire bed by hanging all the way to the floor and folding over your pillows. Standard size beds have a typical drop of 21", however many newer style beds now have a thicker pillow-top mattress and require a custom size.

What is a Comforter?

    A Comforter is usually a printed shell with a solid or coordinating back that is filled with polyester or poly-cotton blend material. A Comforter does not go to the floor like a bedspread. Instead, it just covers the sides and end of your mattress.

What is a Memory Foam Topper?

    A Memory Foam Mattress Topper could be the answer to all those restless nights without sleep. It recognizes your shape, pressure points and adjusts to fit your body. Memory Foam was originally developed by NASA researchers to make long trips more comfortable for astronauts. Memory Foam relaxes according to warmth of your body and dynamics. It softens and conforms to the body, creating the sensation of "floating".

 What is a California King?

    A California King or Cal-King size is a longer and narrower king size mattress. Usually found on the west coast...It measures 72" x 84".

What does the term "Sateen Finish" mean on material ?

    Often, you'll see fabrics with a "sateen weave " or "sateen finish" which gives one side of the fabric a different satin-like texture and luster.  This is achieved through a special elaborate process at the mill, where the fabric is woven.  First, the fabric is woven in such a way that the threads are twisted on the front side of the fabric.  Then, the fabric is "calendered" or passed under a steam-roller-like apparatus that applies 2000 lbs of pressure per square inch. The weave of a Sateen is different enough to set it apart as its own fabric type.