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Natural Living Down Alternative Comforter
The Story of Natural Living Natural Living® products are filled with revolutionary, naturally derived Ingeo™ fiber fill. Instead of using petroleum, Ingeo™ fibers are made from naturally wholesome raw materials like corn. Natural Living's mission is to provide an incredible sleeping experience through high-quality products while helping to preserve the Earth's precious natural resources.
  Ingeo™ Fiber Natural Living® 300 Sateen ComforterThis comforter provides superior insulation and does not support bacterial growth under normal use conditions.  It has a naturally low odor retention and wicks away moisture.  It is also very durable with a comfortable, lasting loft.  The comforter features a 15” diamond box construction keeping the fill in place so that you stay cozy and comfy all night long.  The 300 thread-count, 100% cotton cover is naturally soft and durable.