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Satin Comforter

Custom Made Comforters in Bridal or Polyester Satin: Adjustable, Standard, Round, RV or Odd Beds. Numerous solid colors and four Quilting Patterns available!* A Comforter does not have a pillow tuck and drops over the sides of the bed a few inches below the top of your box spring. Fill weights can further customize the appearance and weight of your Comforter. 

*Some quilting patterns may not be available for larger sizes.

When ordering a Comforter, you will be asked to choose:

  1. Fabric Color in Satin (Click here to see colors)
  2. Size - which assumes a 15" Drop  (Custom Sizes Welcomed!)
  3. Quilt Pattern - see below
  4. Fill Weight - 11 oz. bonded polyester per square yard is standard  

**All Satin Comforters are reversible. 

Quilting Patterns

The following quilting patterns are available on most Comforters. Some quilting patterns may not available in larger sizes.

Also, it's worth mentioning that these are all done by hand, so a slight variation is normal from one Comforter to the next. (Click on image below to enlarge)

Im000693.jpg (73571 bytes)
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