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500 Thread Count Cotton Comforter

500 Thread Count 100% Long-staple Cotton - Custom Made Comforters. Available in any size for standard, RV, adjustable, round, waterbed,and custom sizes. "If you can measure it - We can make it". Solid sateen finish fabrics available and Four Quilting Patterns to choose from! Comforters do not have a pillow tucks - they drop over the sides of the bed a few inches below the top of your box spring. Various fill weights will further customize the appearance and weight of your Comforter. 


When ordering a comforter, you will be asked to choose:

  1. Fabric Color in the 500 TC 100% Cotton (Click here to see colors)
  2. Size - assumes a 15" Drop  (Custom Sizes Welcomed!)
  3. Quilt Pattern
  4. Fill Weight - 11 oz. bonded polyester per square yard is standard 

**All 500 TC Cotton Comforters are reversible. 


Quilting Patterns

The following quilting patterns are available for Comforters.

Also, it's worth mentioning that these are all done by hand, so a slight variation is normal from one Comforter to the next. (Click on image below to enlarge)


Im000693.jpg (73571 bytes)
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